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Over the past few years, the National Broadband Network has become a common household name. However, many Australians still aren’t familiar with the different types of networks the NBN is replacing.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) power many Australian business communications for voice, fax, and even video. Due to technology advancements, ISDN is no longer a viable option, and the disconnection process will start on 30th September 2019.

Initially, the disconnection was scheduled to begin in June 2019. However, Telstra and the ACCC pushed back the date with a last-minute extension, giving around six months to make the switch. Meaning if you haven’t already evaluated the situation, time is running out to transition across, limiting any potential downtime.

If you are concerned that your services will be disconnected before making a decision, please contact us on 1300 000 446. One of our voice specialists will assist with your enquiry and discuss upcoming timeframes and transition strategies.


Tailoring the right solution can take time. Many business owners either inherited an old phone system and network setup from a previous owner or find the way their business functions today is entirely different to the past.

Understanding that this technology change is mandatory is the perfect excuse to invest time and resources into planning for not only now but also the future. Because ISDN is no longer a viable option, businesses must look to alternatives such as SIP (Session Initiated Initiation Protocol).

SIP and ISDN are technically both digital communications protocols; however, the main difference is that SIP is IP-based, allowing it to run over existing data networks, like a Wide Area Network or internet service.

Due to SIP being an IP based product utilising existing network infrastructure, the flexibility for Australian business owners drastically improves with the ability to add & removes calling lines as your business changes.

Several other factors will need to be addressed to successfully migrate your voice services across to (SIP) such as Phone system compatibility, Internet Bandwidth, modems/routers, network switches, IT security, and more.

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